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Meet SM Iloilo’s little stars Jenesis Rain and Maxwell Jesse

Jenesis Rain Simpson and Maxwell Jesse Figueroa are making the most of their childhood by engaging in personal development activities that open up opportunities for them.
One such opportunity is joining SM Little Stars 2017 and becoming the representatives of the Visayas in the grand finals held in SM Aura last August 6, 2017, where Jenesis Rain won third runner-up.
Jenesis Rain showcased her prowess in gymnastics during the grand finals. She is seven years old, homeschooled and the daughter of Joseph and Brittany Simpson. Her other hobbies are dancing, singing, reading, coloring and playing with her stuffed toy Tiger.

Rhemaya, Jenesis Rain’s sister also joined the competition as the representative of SM Bacolod and she made it to the regional finals.
"Rhemaya and I practiced every day. It was hard at first but we got better. I'm so happy that we both joined. I was happy to share the light of God through gymnastics during the talent competition," said Jenesis Rain.

Compassion starts with oneself. My Spa Riviera experience

The dimly lit room in Spa Riviera is a welcome respite from the noise of the "outside world". The smell of peppermint and the sound of Balinese music softly playing in the background signaled me to leave my cares behind and just focus on the now.
A young woman helped me settle on the big and comfortable reclining massage chair where I was about to have a facial. She quietly went out, leaving me to catch my breath. Remembering my life coach's advice, with every breath in I visualized good health and relaxation while in every breath out, I visualized the release of stress from my body. 
While doing this, abdominal breathing is recommended. Shallow breathing happens when the chest goes up while inhaling and then goes down while exhaling. In abdominal breathing (also deep breathing), the lower belly rises when inhaling and contracts when exhaling.

A few minutes later, the therapist reappeared while carrying a batik-covered tray with small wooden bowls that contain ground rice, …

SM City Iloilo launches solar panels

To meet the growing demand for energy efficiency and sustainability amid climate change, SM Supermalls is poised to complete the installation of a total of 33,000 solar panels in its various malls.
One of them is SM City Iloilo which has 2,904 solar panels that could generate 827 kilowatts of energy directly into the mall. Their solar technology installed by Solar Philippines is so advanced that they no longer have to store the generated energy before using it.
The use of solar energy "reaffirms SM Prime's commitment to its role as a catalyst for economic growth, delivering innovative and sustainable lifestyle cities that enrich the quality of life of millions," said Majella Libo-on, SM Regional Operations Manager for Visayas 3.

The other SM malls that have solar panels as of August 2017 are SM Mall of Asia, SM City Cauayan, SM City Cabanatuan. To follow are SM City Trece Martires, SM Seaside City Cebu, SM City Dasmarinas, SM City Olongapo, and SM City Tuguegarao Downtown.

Sea Spa: the first beach spa in Iloilo

Having a massage on the beach while I was in Boracay Island many years ago is one of my unforgettable "feel good" experiences.

Back to the city, I held on to that experience during my meditative moments at home. Through You Tube, I would play my favorite nature sound - the soft sound of the small waves kissing the shore - as I visualize myself lounging idly on the beach or getting a good massage.

It is nice to have this for real in a place that is easily accessible. So, it's a welcome development when Adhara Boutique Resort,  rejuvenation sanctuary, announced that they will soon offer Sea Spa. 

The first beach spa in Iloilo, this one-day spa experience aims to melt our tensions away and calm our restless souls.

Sea Spa will be managed by Spa Riviera, Iloilo's premier spa which is backed by 17 years of experience.

Upon arrival, Sea Spa guests will enjoy a welcome drink, aromatherapy mood enhancers, and a relaxing foot soak. It will be followed with meditation…