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Farm to Table Iloilo: for the love of good food and an advocacy

Farm to Table, a restaurant located at Megaworld Iloilo Business Park provides diners a healthier alternative because they serve organic, all-natural and monosodium glutamate-free yet delicious dishes from brunch to dinner.
Chef Pauline Gorriceta-Banusing, owner of Farm to Table, shared that the restaurant is not only that but also an advocacy.
She and her husband Gus would go to Iloilo towns such as Dumangas, Barotac, Pavia, Passi, Leon and the nearby island Guimaras to source quality organic produce for their ingredients, thus help local farmers and animal raisers.
Farm to Table has a wide selection of soups, heart-healthy salads, appetizers, pasta and pizza, comfort classics, mains, sandwiches, modern desserts made from local ingredients, gluten-free smoothies, refreshing Probinsyano Shakes and organic coffee.
Here is a list of some of their dishes that you don't want to miss during your visit:

Shrimp Coconut Soft Taco - spicy shrimps, sweet coconut sauce, fresh mango and cabbage


Get discounts and freebies through Findr app

Poised to bridge the big gap between merchants and consumers is an app called Findr whose founders are Ilonggos.
Merchants who desire to reach people near their stores and ultimately get them to patronize their products will find this app beneficial. As Findr partners, they will be able to offer discounts or free coupons for their products and services such as food and beverage, beauty salons and spas, hotels, gadgets and more.
Salvador Silva Jr III, CEO of Findr app developer Satellite GPS Tracking & Asset Management Systems, explained that Findr app is better than other forms of media to advertise one's product.

"TV or radio may have a wider reach but it is not specific, has no customer engagement and no evaluation of purchase claims. The advertising fee is also high," he told guests during the launching of Findr in Iloilo City.
Silva also compared Findr with pay per click businesses or social media ads. "People click but there is no sure conversion," he said…

The Dreamer's Design by Sasha Cabais

What is your dream made of? For Sasha Cabais, it is an ocean and space merged into one and this is shown in her collection of artworks for The Dreamer's Design.

Here, she presents jellyfishes, whales and a citadel with the use of attractive colors and hues. It seems to me that the creatures of the deep are also akin to creatures of space as they 'move' in a backdrop of awesome colors that one could see in movies about outer space. 

She used acrylic as a medium. She also created an installation piece with Christmas lights and jellyfishes made out of cloth.

"The first time I joined an exhibition, I did an artwork where I imagined a place where the ocean and space are one. I decided to continue with that concept try to show people more about this 'dreamland'. Actually, this is just the beginning. I hope to create more artworks regarding this concept in the future," Cabais told Kathy Purr.

Cabais is a graphic designer who has joined six exhibits before The Dreame…

Hapit anay sa Cafe Panay

The first thing I noticed when we entered Cafe Panay is the Spanish-inspired window at the mezzanine floor where I imagined a young lady looking out while listening to her suitor’s harana, a traditional form of courtship.
The brick and the rustic wood wall where mirrors with modern and vintage frames hung and Ilonggo folk music playing complete the rustic ambiance of the place. But the main attraction is the wide selection of enticing and hearty food offerings of Cafe Panay, located in Festive Walk, Iloilo Business Park.

ILONGGO BREAKFAST For Ilonggos, the first meal of the day (or the last if you are a BPO employee) has to be a pleasurable experience. Wouldn’t it be great to eat it in a place with a nice ambiance?
Some of Cafe Panay’s hearty Ilonggo breakfast favorites are Cafe Panay Tapa (signature beef tapa with deep-fried garlic chips and served with atsara), Tocino Slab (bacon-style slab with traditional smoked tocino flavor) and Binulad Platter (assorted local dried fish with native…