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Students' device to aid search and rescue after sea mishaps

The number of naval tragedies and accidents at sea in recent years underscore the need for new and modern interventions that will aid in search and rescue operations.
A team of students from the Batangas State University (BatStateU) saw the urgency in addressing the need especially because many parts of Batangas are coastal communities. And due to its proximity to the sea, fishing is a main contributor to the province’s economy.  The Batangas Port is also a preferred gateway to MIMAROPA (Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan) by the general public.

“We want this to be more than just a project submission for the SWEEP Awards.  We want to come up with something that actually finds solution to an existing problem,” says Leandro B. Miñon, who is team leader.
This is why the team came up with the Aquarius Smart Beacon Bracelet and submitted it as an entry to the 10th SWEEP Innovation and Excellence Awards that is being mounted annually by Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) under the Smart …

Bauhinia has Ilonggo Vegetarian selection

Yes, there is vegetarian food in Smallville and Boardwalk.
Bauhinia Filipino Cuisine, located at The Avenue in Boardwalk has an Ilonggo Vegetarian fare – no meat, no egg, no milk and no fish – according to owner Mr. Johnny Que.

The Ilonggo vegetarian fare includes Pinaksiw na Saging with Roselle (roselle is the flower of the ‘labog’ plant), Lumpia Ubod, Kinilaw Kwatro (bitter gourd or amargoso, rabanos, gulaman and talong), Laswa, Relleno na Amargoso, Linatik na Kalabasa (with squash spring leaves), Vegetable Fritters (slices of squash, carrots, eggplant, okra and sayote with three kinds of dip), Vegan Kare-Kare (puso ng saging, string beans, eggplant, pechay, peanuts and kare-kare sauce), Vegetable Stew (camote, carrots, young corn, olives and kaldereta sauce), Ensalada (jackfruit and puso ng saging) and La Pinay Salad.

One serving is good for 2 to 3 persons.
After dinner, take a sip of Kaffir Lime, derived from a herb native to Thailand. It is good for the digestive system and it is a p…

Meditation: the middle way

We all want to take good care of our health, but do we take care of our mind?
The mind wanders all the time making it hard for you to concentrate. But, with meditation, you can train the mind, improve concentration and promote relaxation, Venerable Dr. Pawithai Vajiravjjo of the Middle Way Meditation Institute told this writer.
“Some people say they are too busy to meditate. That is wrong. There should be time to meditate because meditation will put things in order. Use meditation as your maintenance. It helps develop intuition and good ideas. Even if you meditate for just a few minutes, your mind becomes powerful. It unleashes your creativity and the solutions will just come,” he said.

He added that many studies support that meditation develops emotional intelligence. You become emotionally smart, too. You are more comfortable to be with if your mind is clear. It also reduces hypertension and ulcer and promotes a stronger immune system.

HOW TO MEDITATE During this writer’s visit in their …

Ordinary Filipinos with extraordinary lives

Every human being desires to be happy.  Such desire for happiness strengthens a person’s capacity to endure suffering, to be courageous and to care for others. That is why we hear of stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary feats.
The stories of these amazing individuals are told in the book “RealLife, Stories of Ordinary Filipinos with Extraordinary Lives” written by an Ilongga, Dolly Palisada.

“’Pagpag for Breakfast & Box of Dreams takes a peek into the everyday life in Metro Manila’s poorest communities through the story of Ramil Sustento and Nene. ‘Leaving This Home is Water Under the Bridge’ tells the story of Aling Lilia Dalmacio and her children who call the bridge their home. ‘Journey On A Wheelchair’ is the story of Gaspar Salim of Zamboanga City who was born without hands and feet but dreams of going to college and having his own business. But with war in the city and his limitations, will he be able to fulfill that dream? ‘A Heart for Animals’ is about Renee Tupas L…

The famous guitar maker from Leganes

From goldsmith to guitar maker. The shift was not difficult for retired government employee Nelson Defelix. He is a man who is used to intricate work. He has complete carpentry tools. He knows how to strum the guitar and he is a member of a winning choir.
Defelix, a resident of Leganes, Iloilo, revealed that he started making guitars in 2002. “I was a member of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) choir and participated in an office contest held in Cebu, noted for its guitar-making. Anyway, DENR Region 6 became a champion in the said Vismin choir contest,” Defelix said.
“We bought a guitar in Mactan, Cebu after that. But back home, the guitar’s bracing broke so I examined it and did some research. That’s when I started working on guitars,” he said.
He credits several people for lending him guitar repair references such as his choir teacher Tim Buensuceso and Passad’s Mr. Julian Lee.
In a span of 12 years, Defelix has made 30 sturdy guitars and has repaired hundreds. …

Mangroves keep coastal communities safer

The devastation of Typhoon Yolanda to lives and properties in affected areas highlighted the need for appropriate environmental strategies that will mitigate the impact of disasters to communities.
The super typhoon is just the latest in a string of disasters that were made worse by changing global weather patterns.
Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), a staunch advocate for disaster preparedness and environment conservation, has committed to implement measures that will help reduce the effects of climate change.  But for these measures to be effective, they must suit the geographical needs of the community at risk.

For instance, coastal communities in the Visayas that were hard-hit by Yolanda will be prioritized for mangrove planting this year.
Mangroves serve as a natural protective barrier for storm surges, tidal waves and coastal floodings. The Zoological Society of London also cited that mangroves play an important role in climate stabilization, and even has a potential for carbon sto…

For this student, P400 is worth her future

How much is P400 worth to you?
For some it could be a meager amount just enough for three value meals at a fast food chain, an hour stay at a massage spa, and other perks to provide them temporary happiness.
For Jocelyn Aligata, it is worth her future. For her, it could already buy her many things she needs for her school projects to be able to pass her subjects. “That (P400) is the biggest amount that Mama and Papa sent for my allowance,” she said.
And it motivated her to study harder.
Jocelyn, 23, is among the six Students Grant-in-Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation (SGP-PA) scholars who received medals as academic awardees during the “Pasidungog 2014” recently held at the WVSU-CAF campus in Lambunao, Iloilo.
The incoming third year Bachelor of Science in Forestry said it was her first ever award in school.
The other SGP-PA scholars who are academic awardees are Jovelyn Dulman, Johnny Lutrago, Rey-An Montes, Irene Ortega, and Ledy Villarma, all taking up Bachelor of Science in Agr…

Lessen air pollution? Make roads friendlier for bikers, pedestrians

Senate President Franklin M. Drilon encouraged heads of local government units (LGUs) and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to move towards making major roads and thoroughfares conducive to bikers and other pedestrians, saying that non-motorized forms of travel can help alleviate the country’s air pollution woes.

The Senate leader expressed interest in promoting biking in the cities after he attended the 1st Iloilo Bike Festival promoted by the “Share the Road” movement in Iloilo City recently, where he was the main guest.

Drilon said that the government programs against air pollution in the country’s metropolitan areas must “effectively strike against the main-contributing factor: motorized vehicles."

He cited a Department of Environment and Natural Resources report that stated 80% of pollution load is contributed by “mobile sources or vehicles,” and stressed that public remedial measures must “primarily address and rectify this factor.”

“The best way to promote mod…

Lerma’s story of trials and successes

Sharing an inspiring story from DSWD
RUNNING a sari-sari store and keeping it afloat despite the mushrooming of competitors nearby can be very difficult. Prizes have to be kept competitive. The “suki” (avid buyers) have to be sustained. Stocks should be readily available.
To edge up on the competition, Lerma Hidayawan uses diligence and careful planning in managing her sari-sari store. She also boasts of this one more advantage: she now meticulously puts into practice the lessons she learned from her attendance to livelihood trainings facilitated by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).
MENIAL WORKS The 47-year-old Lerma of Brgy. Vista Alegre, Bacolod City has taken on a lot of menial works in the past. She used to help husband Danilo sell fishes in the neighborhood. But when sickness got into him and he was forced to rest, Lerma stood as both father and mother to her four children. For one a half year, she ventured into buying and selling fried chicken that gave her, a…