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Tagtiringub: Passion Meets Profession

An exhibit by the School for the Arts Visual Arts Alumni of the Iloilo National High School
Venue: CityMall Tagbak

Filipino food with a twist at Choobi Choobi

If you have a huge appetite for good Filipino food, then another restaurant should be on your list – Choobi Choobi Restaurant.
Choobi Choobi is a Fookien word which means ‘lingaw-lingaw’ or to enjoy. The owner, Stan Tanchan explained that his grandfather used to say choobi choobi whenever he enjoys a great meal.  In fact, the family loves to cook and some of their recipes were passed on for generations and were given a twist and served at Choobi Choobi.

During the opening of their branch in SM City Iloilo, the public was given the chance to see actress and brand ambassadress Erich Gonzales in person.
“Choobi Choobi serves good quality food, has good ingredients and affordable, and provides good service. At Choobi Choobi, sobrang sarap ang pagkain,” said Erich, who admitted that she eats a lot but thanks to her genes, she does not gain weight.

Invited guests were given a chance to try their signature dishes such as the crispy-on-the-outside-but-soft-and-juicy-on-the-inside Choobi Crispy Pa…

150 years under the hood: the Valvoline story

Just the other day, a friend and I were chatting online about the psychology of innovation and how remarkable the human brain is because it can come up with ideas big and small. Some ideas do not see the light of day while some do and end up changing the world.
Every day, we encounter products of these great ideas. For example, when you ride someone’s car, do you dwell on what helps to run it well? One of them is motor oil, which keeps vehicles’ engines running and protected against wear and corrosion and other factors that could hamper our vehicle’s performance and safety.
One product that comes to mind is Valvoline, which is celebrating its 150th year in the petroleum industry. It was Dr. John Ellis, sparked with a great idea, who discovered the lubricating properties of distilled crude oil and had it trademarked as Valvoline in 1873.
In the Visayas and Mindanao, Valvoline is exclusively distributed by F&E Group. Just recently, F&E Group shared the following information about …

Bring back the joy in childhood through play

“We just want to bring the joy back into being a child and let parents know that active play is important and cannot be replaced.” – Beia Legarda Santos Florete, Marbee Adventure owner
Whenever the concept of play is discussed, I could not help but compare our traditional games to video games.
I was exposed to both and noticed that there is more fun in traditional play because the whole body moves, there is a chance to gather your thoughts and think of a better strategy, there is direct human interaction and most of all, your expectations and achievements are realistic (like there is no such thing as a laser beam coming out of your eyes and flying like Superman).
Playing virtual games or too much watching television instead of playing outdoors have stolen our youth’s sense of peace and they don’t even know why. 
“Meeting children depressed and unable to smile was the reason why playing became an advocacy. I have met four-year-olds who don’t know how to smile, who go through three hours o…

Compassion, the DSWD way

Successful people have overcome challenges because they refused to give up despite the odds. Their success stories included the support of family and friends and most of all, God's grace.
There are also challenges that are faced on a wider scale, such as how a town and its residents can successfully recover after a typhoon, how people can get out of poverty, and how to empower more people in order to put an end to hopelessness.
This is not the work for one person but a bigger network such as the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) which is composed of people who miss family members’ birthdays, graduations and other special occasions in order to respond to the community's needs. They are called the DSWD responders.
Last February 2016, the DSWD Field Office VI celebrated its 65th anniversary by recognizing the responders and the local government units, agencies and individuals who supported their cause. DSWD Undersecretary Dr. Angelita Gregorio Medel was their keyn…