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A journey back to nature: a Nature Republic review

Being endowed with sensitive skin and having experienced drug eruption that left some parts of my skin really dry, I am very careful with the products that I use.

Then, I discovered Nature Republic when it opened in Festive Walk Mall in September 2018 and was able to talk to their division manager, Marianne Gonzales. “It is Nature Republic's vision to make good products for the skin but not too expensive. We use natural ingredients from plants, flowers, etc.  We also use special water facial water and Hawaiian deep seawater, among others," Gonzales said.

It took me a while to write about Nature Republic and the products I got during their opening because I wanted to try them first before making a review. Below I will share some of their products that I love to use!

Being middle-aged, one of my concerns is having dry and thinning hair. I am so glad that Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care shampoo gave my hair a bit of volume and glow. Argan oil is rich in fatty aci…

New Executive Sous Chef heats up Seda Atria's kitchen

With exceptional skills in a wide range of cuisines and kitchen management, Chef Gary Landicho, the new Executive Sous Chef of Seda Atria will be introducing exciting additions to the hotel’s menu while improving food and beverage operations.

Forty-year-old Chef Gary is a native of Bacolod, but grew up and studied in Manila. He developed his culinary expertise through 16 years of experience working on various cruise ships. He was the Sous Chef of Disney Cruise Line for 5 years before coming home and joining the hospitality industry for the first time as the Executive Sous Chef for Seda Atria since September 2018. 

Traveling and exposure to diverse local and international fare have enabled Chef Gary to nurture his love for food while honing his culinary skills.  

Chef Gary’s cooking style is defined by the use of fresh ingredients to create a seamless fusion of Western and Asian culture. 

He is set to introduce new mouth-watering dishes at Misto.  These recipes were inspired by his travels…

Going solo at Geronimo's Cafe + Bakery

I watched a video on Facebook that starts with a question, "Have we forgotten how to make friends?". The video shows children striking up a conversation with solo diners in a restaurant.

It reminded me of my late aunt who used to go to the mall in order to talk to the sales ladies or fellow coffee shop habitues. She said she was lonely and talking to someone helped.

It also reminded me of the occasions when eating alone in a restaurant was my "me" time. Living in a studio apartment and sharing my small space 24/7 with others could have that effect.

Dining alone has its benefits, like the chance to ruminate, read a book without disruption, watch people and focus on the food.

"Lonely" alone or "leave me alone" alone, there is a cool place to dine - Geronimo's Cafe + Bakery.

It fits the stereotype of a cafe; people are there not only to dine but to work. Every time I go to Geronimo's Cafe + Bakery, there will always be that solitary person who i…